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Dear Friend,

This is probably nothing like the usual offers that 'float' around the internet. It's also different because, unlike most offers, I actually make substantial amounts of money every month from what I'm writing to you about.

Within this letter, I'll be showing you how you too can make £5,000 - £19,000 per month.

Further more...

To give you total piece of mind... I give you a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

Let's not waste a second longer...

Here's How You Can Receive Substantial Monthly Payments.

Imagine running a membership, coaching, training or mentor business where clients pay you £97.00 per month...

And you have 200 clients... giving you an income of
£19,400 EVERY month.


I'm positive you will be as I explain more.

Firstly, this is nothing new... in fact right now there are thousands of people running online membership, coaching, training and mentoring businesses and making anything from
£1,000 to £100,000 per month.

You only have to look on social media at all the fitness training programmes available.

They cost between £47.00 and £97.00 per month and some have THOUSANDS of members.

And for the more... shall we say... adult content... OnlyFans is a site where people are making tens of thousands every month.

And here's a little secret...

Many have zero/very little previous experience, actual expertise or talent.

However... what they do have is a business that's making them thousands of pounds every month.

It's why I believe this way of working is very much the future.

Here's why...

The world is fast-changing... since Covid, many thousands of people have...

Discovered the HUGE financial and lifestyle rewards/benefits from running a membership, coaching, training or mentor business from home.

And it'll only get more and more popular as countless success stories come to light.

It certainly ISN'T a 'fad' that'll disappear next year... this will be the 'norm' for many of us who can see the enormous potential.

I'll explain more in a moment...

But first, imagine how
£5,000 per month will change your life?

(*And you certainly won't limit your income to £5,000 per month... this business enables you to very quickly scale things up to the point where you can be making
£20,000, £50,000 even £100,000 per month!)

A monthly income of
£5,000 will give you an annual income of £60,000, this will give you a very nice comfortable lifestyle.

From driving a top of the range luxury car, foreign holidays even upgrading your home.

This income can even pay off all your debts and help out family and close friends.

And the reason why you can earn so much every month is because of this...

Recurring Payments.

What this means is you are NOT selling a product or service for a one-off fee.

Like gym memberships, Netflix, Apple music and thousands more services...

Vast amounts of money are being made from recurring payments.

This is where a customer pays you a monthly fee.

Which means you only have to sell to them ONCE!

After that... you receive a
regular monthly income.

And monthly payments can be anything from £7.00 to £997.00 - depending on the service you provide.

I run a number of membership businesses and if you've never done this before... you really have been missing out on vast rewards.

For instance...

I run a 'VIP' mentor service which is a recurring payment of
£497.00 per month.

There are just 8 members... however, this gives me a monthly income of

And I have another service where members pay
£27.00 per month.

There are 83 members giving me a monthly income of

I have three other recurring payment services where members pay
£47.00 per month, £97.00 per month and £17.00 per month respectively.

This money comes to me month after month after month... and I've only ever had to 'sell' the service once to each member, after that they pay me a monthly payment.

Like me, you too can create as many different recurring monthly payments services as you wish.

I'll give you plenty of ideas of what service you could offer... in fact, you'll be amazed by what you can create.

For example...

Sarah runs a sewing club with a monthly recurring payment of £27.00. Once a week members get together online and discuss ideas, problems and solutions... there is also a monthly newsletter. Members can also show off their work and encourage each other.

Tony runs a DJ training service. Tony teaches DJ skills such as mixing, blending and all the other requirements for a DJ. The monthly fee is £47.00, there are newsletters and videos. Tony has 120 members.

Simon runs a model club. He teaches members how to make models such as cars, airplanes and boats. The monthly fee is £17.00.

And each one runs their membership business from the comfort of their home. They work very few hours, giving them much more free time to spend with family and friends.

I could go on and on... in fact there is an inexhaustible number of membership subjects you can profit from - I hope this gives you an idea of what subjects are currently being covered and the potential earnings that you can enjoy.

And before you dismiss this because you don't know what to offer to members...

I reveal everything within my BRAND NEW 6-Part Study Course:

"How To Make £100,000 Running A Membership, Coaching, Training Or Mentor Business"

Within the course, you'll discover:

  • An endless number of ideas for a membership business. Some ideas, I guarantee, you'd never believe can make money... but the ideas I'll share with you can make you anything from £2,000 - £20,000 per month in your first year.
  • How to attract tens, hundreds and then thousands of new members to your service. With a recurring monthly payment, if you charged just £47.00 per month, 20 members would give you £1,000 per month income. And that's a good start... but I want to show you how to attract 100, 500 and then 1,000 members.
  • How to structure your service so that members stay with you for years. The secret to success is to keep members not just for months, but for years paying you a monthly fee. I'll reveal the best ways to do this by keeping members totally loyal to your business.
  • Plus... lots... lots... more.

    Still interested?

    Here's a quick check-list to see if this is for you:
  • You can spare an hour a day
  • You have access to a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone
  • You don't have a problem or think it's immoral to make £1,000 - £5,000 a month
  • You're disciplined enough to provide information each month

If you answered "YES" to each point, then this is for you.

So How Much Is The 6-Part Study Course?

I did think long and hard about price.

I don't want to price most people out of this opportunity... however... I'm not prepared to just give this information away for nothing.

I was thinking £147.00 is a far price for the course... especially as the information will show you how to make anything from £1,000 - £5,000 per month in your first year.

But... I'm NOT going to ask £147.00.

In fact... it's NOT even half that price.

Nor is it £50.00.

Your only investment is
JUST £47.00.

* Which works out at £7.80 per lesson.

Further more...

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% happy with this study course, so to give you peace of mind, I suggest you have a good read through it, and if there is any reason why you don't want to start your very own membership business, simple ask me for a refund and I'll gladly (without any questions) refund your £47.00.

I can't be any fairer than that.

To secure your copy is very easy...

Simply click HERE and you'll be taken to a secure Paypal page.

Enter your details and I'll send the first lesson over to you.

I hope you agree that this really is value for money. 

I very much look forward to sharing this very valuable business venture with you.  


Robert Evans

P.S. Membership programmes where you receive a monthly payment from every subscriber is the business model of the future. With just 10 - 20 members of a £97.00 service... you'll be enjoying a monthly income of between £970.00 and £1,900.


The 6-part study course that reveals exactly how you can start your own membership service comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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